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I agree with you that people make way to many excuses for pits. The whole cocker spaniel issue is just a crock. Sure cocker spaniels may bite more people but when was the last time you heard of a 20lb dog killing a twelve year old. Personally I think the phrase ‘more dangerous’ should also include the possibility of death. In any case, it would seem that most people agree that a cocker spaniels temperament is one of a dog that is excessively protective of it's social group. Pit bull owners seem to be unwilling to admit the same. Bits were bred to fight other dogs, that means increased size, viciousness, a bad temperament toward other dogs, etc. So it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise that every now and then a dog bred to fight becomes violent against people instead of dogs. Having said that I'll relate the story of my brothers two pit bulls. One was a total sweet heart, climbing on laps licking faces etc. The other was stand offish, attacked several dogs in the neighborhood, bit a jogger and my brothers wife when she tried to break up one of the attacks. The dogs we raised together from infancy, I don’t recall but they may have even been samplings.

People feel that profiling animals in like being bigoted towards humans. It’s nice to try to compare the two types of profiling except for the whole dignity of the human being thing. I love dogs, but dogs are not people. Some breeds of dogs are herders, some dogs are retrievers and herders are not retrievers and retrievers are not herders and neither are fighting dogs, but the pit bull is. And as such one should take additional precautions. I’m not suggesting wiping them off the planet but if you see aggressive behaviors, not make a note of it take action, go to the SPCA, determine what is going on and if professionals think the dog may be a danger rid yourself of it.

Moving right along, “This is the same reason we don't want to live near nuclear plants....IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THE THING BLOWS UP.”

What are you talking about? Nuclear power is the safest source of energy except for combing charkas. Nuclear plants never melt down. Can anyone name three nuclear failures of the top of your head? Yep Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, anything else? If we include the deaths related to lung cancer put out by coal and oil power plants I think people in the US would switch immediately to nuclear power. It’s just a bogie man. German Jenny maybe ten miles form a nuclear plant and it’s not like her hair glows in the dark... I mean I guess it does, but she dyed her hair that color.

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